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Understandable ICT & security

Are people telling you things about ICT and ICT security, but can nobody explain what is really going on? Does your business ask for special ICT or special ICT security, but don't you have the knowledge in house to organize it yourself? Does your supplier seem to speak a different language? Do think you miss opportunities just because you can't get everybody connected?
Unfortunately this happens all too often. Many problems arise from people speaking different languages. Many solutions fail because not all facets of the problem get the attention they need.
Because of my broad knowledge, I can help you to connect across gaps that seemed unbridgeable. I combine in-depth knowledge of ICT and ICT-security with understanding of your work and understanding of the context you operate in. Characteristic for my approach, is a wide view without becoming superficial. I create the overview that is needed to pick up your real challenges. And I am the last one to loose his head in situations where everybody panics.
When focusing on ICT-security, I have the tools at hand to quickly asses where problems might arise. This gives you a head start on improving security and gives you the perspective you need to be effective.
To ensure the quality of my work, I participate in several networks. These range from highly technical to the level of end-users. I cooperate closely with the e-hulp.nl foundation, I am partner of riskportal.net and I am the maintainer of the HelpIM project.


Did you implement many solutions for your problems, but are the problems still there? Does your organization seem to have an unsolvable problem? Progress is not achieved by solving problems, but by solving the right problem. Sometimes solving the right problem takes courage, sometimes it takes creativity and sometimes it is dead easy. But always the starting point is finding a good definition of the problem, a definition that enables progress.
So in my consultancy the first step is always to take a second look at the problems at hand. Are there alternative ways for you to understand them? What ways of looking at your problems are enabling you to make progress and what views on the problem are blocking your progress? Once you have such a level of understanding of your problems, it is often evident what solution to choose.
And if you want somebody to stand beside you while implementing the solution, I can stay with you. Not to take over your job, but to enable you to do a better job.


Much of the work I do, is around implementing and maintaining systems for psycho-social counseling on the internet. That work asks for high-quality ICT-solutions, but also for a great sensitivity for the work of the counsellors and for the organizations providing this counseling. At the same time a good understanding of juridical and privacy issues of such a work is needed. And last but not least: such a work can't be done right without a deep knowledge of ICT and security.
My customers have in common that they are innovative and are looking for new opportunities.



Winfried Tilanus
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general terms and conditions

For my activities apply my general terms and conditions (Dutch, PDF-file, 57K, you can open PDF-files with the acrobat reader). These terms and conditions are also registered at the 'Kamer van Koophandel'. Registered under the name 'tilanus.com'.

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I use this site to test and demonstrate google-analytics. I might use the generated data for presentations and as example. I will thereby take care that no individual visitors are traceable. Finally I am obliged to include the following statement when using Google analytics:
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